Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: Thai Garden, Woonsocket, RI

My husband and I decided to venture to Woonsocket, RI to try a Thai restaurant called Thai Garden, located 280 Main Street.  They have a parking lot right in front.  We actually passed it by accident because the place was so small and unassuming.  Normally, our "go to" Thai restaurant is in our town, but now it has a true contender. 

We were seated right away and given menus.  There were a lot of vegetarian choices.  We ended up ordering a lot of food for the table:  Tofu Yellow Curry, Vegetarian Spicy Noodles, Pad Pik Khing with Tofu - all ordered to be extra spicy - and rice.  Our dishes came out very quickly, so we were able to indulge right away.  ALL of these dishes were phenomenal.  The noodles, which came out first, had an infusion of spice with a touch of sweetness that was so amazing, we had gone through half of it by the time our other dishes arrived.  Both the curry dish and the Pad Pik Khing were scrumptious.  The tofu and the vegetables were perfectly cooked, not overdone.  I particularly liked the sweet sauce of the Pad Pik Khing, which was our "cleansing" dish, to clear our palates of the heat inflicted by the curry and the noodles.  We finished the noodles and were able to bring home what was left of the curry and Pad Pik Khing, how little there was left.

I'm hoping we go to Thai Garden again really soon.  It's about a 20 or so minute drive away from where we live, but it was well worth the travel.

I give Thai Garden my highest rating:  5 stars!  * * * * *

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