Saturday, December 15, 2012

REVIEW: Asia Palace, Medford, MA

I LOVE this restaurant!  We've only gotten delivery from there, but it's been top notch, for the most part.  The major reason for my rave review is because they make the most delicious, most succulent Peking Duck I have ever had!  I always get a whole duck, which lasts for many days.  The 1/2 duck is good, but if you want to really experience the best, go for the whole duck.  The great thing is that they include the carcass, which has crispy skin, along with some fatty flesh.  I can imagine you could use it to make a stock, but I have yet to do that.

My husband gets vegetarian hot dishes and sushi from there.  The vegetarian dishes are excellent.  The sushi is really good, but the issue (and only criticism) has been regarding his allergy to sesame seeds.  There have been times where he's ordered it, requesting that they omit the sesame seeds, and they are in there.  When I say "in there," they put it in with the vegetables and fish, so you can't see it until it's too late.  Unfortunately this has led to mild allergic reactions.  But after pointing out that issue, they've been really good about it.

They are very pleasant over the phone.  Also, their delivery is usually quite timely, even remarkably quick at times.

Since it's the best Peking Duck I have ever tasted in my life - for delivery or in a restaurant - I have to give them my highest rating:  an enthusiastic 5-stars!  
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