Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: Hang Tai Fine Chinese Cuisine Szechuan & Mandarin Style Lounge, Franklin, MA

My husband and I have passed by this place several times but had never gone in.  It looks like a local watering hole that has a bunch of devoted drinkers and Keno players.  Be warned:  the use of foul language from the drinkers was a little jarring, so it may not be suitable for children or sensitive people.

While the decor wasn't distinguishable from other restaurants, the food was magnificent.  They have a varied menu, even offering up an extensive choice of vegan and vegetarian foods.  We decided to just get a couple of dishes for the table, starting with the vegetarian spring roll appetizer; the dry cooked string beans; the crispy bean curd, Szechuan style; and white rice.  The spring rolls made for a great start - there were matchsticks of ginger root that totally transformed every preconceived notion of what a spring roll is.  The dry cooked string beans were very fresh and crispy - definitely quality ingredients.  The pièce de résistance was the crispy bean curd, Szechuan style.  The sauce was delicious and plentiful.  The tofu was succulent, made even better from soaking up the sauce.  The white rice came in a medium sized metal serving bowl, which gave us plenty of rice between the two of us.  For the record, by the time we were done, nothing was left except for two satisfied - and full - customers.

Their customer service was great!  Our waiter came by at least once to find out if we were enjoying out meal.  He was very friendly.  He asked us if we had been there before; when we said no, he said he was glad we were there, that we enjoyed the food, and he's looking forward to seeing us again.  It made us feel comfortable and right at home.

One complaint I'd have to make was you have to pay for soft drink refills, which is unheard of.  I had two glasses of orange soda, which cost $5.  I think I'll be sticking with water or hot tea next time. 

I definitely suggest trying this restaurant.  It may not look like much from the outside, but the food is top notch, fresh, and very tasty. 

I give it 4.5-stars!  *  *  *  *  1/2  (In order for this to receive 5-stars, drink refills have to be free.)

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